Monday, January 17, 2011

want to be like Dr Helina?

thats not me

hello people!
todays topic is thra nak beli hulahoop!
u know what hulahoop?
yeah...i think this one can help me to reduce,reuse my fatty acid yg gler banyak nak mampos tu...
yeah duduk rumah kemas sikit2 makan banyak2 mcm mner nak nampak kurus cantik mcm Dr Helina tuh?
huish... ;[ yeah sha..u should buy hulahoop and play with me.
and i already brought it just now after sent yayah jumpa kawan dia.
u want to see me play my hulahoop?
function of hula:
of cos u can enjoy play with that...
of cos u can do some exercise.
of cos it can help ur hip looks nice :O
of cos u can get lovely body like Angelina Jolie..
its TRUE


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