Friday, April 29, 2011

Oreo cheese cake babe!

here the recipes for cheese cake! this one picture is not truelly meliurkan! but it's ok! u buat ikut suka u laa... selamat mencuba!


200 gm Oreo (buangkan krimnya)-hancurkan
60 gm mentega (dicairkan)
1 biji lemon (diambil jusnya)
500 gm krim keju (creamcheese)
65 gm mentega (pada suhu bilik)
100 gm gula halus
2 sudu besar gelatine
300 ml whipping cream
100 gm biskut Oreo - dipotong 4


1. Gaulkan 60gm butter bersama 200gm biskut Oreo tadi dan bubuh ke dalam loyang kek keju (bulat) lalu tekan hingga mampat. Masukkan ke dalam peti sejuk.

2. Pukul whip cream sehingga pekat dan ketepikan.

3. Pukul krim keju bersama 65gm butter dan gula sehingga kembang dan putih.

4. Campurkan jus lemon dgn gelatine dan panaskan dlm microwave oven lalu kacau hingga gelatine larut.

5. Masukkan whip cream ke dalam mixture krim keju tadi (3) dan bubuh gelatine dan biskut Oreo. Gaul sehingga rata.

6. Sejukkan dalam peti sejuk selama 4-5 jam.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I missing something here!

hello people

now is the time for you to see what i want to give!

the preparation before you when to interview this saturday!
yeah i dont have to make any preparation for myslef yoww...

so BEGGIN: (lagu beggin)

1) choose correct kemeja to wear! i like when i see u in light kemeja! i mean warna yang cerah and soft as usual you wear!

2) cut your nails! hahaha =]

3) shining your shoes! since matrics already close kan sure lah kasut berhabuk! kilat sampai nampak bijik mata!

4) get ready with all your things, your mind map all things yang sketching2 tu laaa....

5) sleep early so you will get MAXIMUM energy level!!!

6) drive carefully to the SERI ISKANDAR. hak3...=]

7) all the creatures in the world say "SELAMAT MAJU JAYA" to you!!


= p

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

JOM jumpa Interviewer!!



why i ta dapat?damn!!! dapat interview jadi menantu pown tak pe la no hal to handle la...!!!

so to those yg dapt tu grab this precious chances! jawab je dgn HEBAT yer soalan2 yg mereka kasi!


Monday, April 25, 2011

facebook is down NOW!


bagi salam dlu baru laaa....
wwoooooooooooooww Bruno Mars!!!! pewittt!!! =]
yeah i like his songs! yoww the melody and he looks cute when he wear the hat!!
come baby! agree with me!!
actually thats not he point for my 2nd post for today!

kau asyik nak chrome je kat komputer nih! apa pasal?? sakit ke??
owh my yayah brought Fruityicecream!!
nak makan!!! bye2!!!


bahasa alien dari marikh

today was fairytale! do you? =]
pernah tak when u go out for unplanning shopping then the seller told you "adik nie orang mner?" pernah tak? tak pernah? ok biarkan! soal yer di sini saya selalu sje di tanye mcm tu! kau org percaya? serius i tak tipu!
selalu yer bila saya pergi mner2 je kedai nak beli apa2 je, orang ke,cashier ke makcik ke mesti pelik bila dengar saya bercakap! kenapa?? idk! coppp aku tak menjerit ok bila bercakap! i just say what i want! persoalan di sini slank i yang membuatkan mereka mereka tertanye2... wait! i'm not mix or else! i just love to speak in eng! ntah lahh mereka cakap i cakap berSLANK! i dont know la slank ape, barangkali slank banjar! hahaha = o

makcik: adik nie tinggal dekat mner?
thra:saya tinggal dkt ***** (ayat menjawab soalan tu!)
makcik: anak spa?
thra: anak cik zaki!
makcik: owh yang insurans tu!
thra: yer makcik!tak syak lagi tu bapak saya!
makcik: awat adik cakap mcm ade slank! jap..makcik ta igt la slank ape tpi ade slank la tak mcm org perak!
thra: owh sudah makcik nih...nak cakap aku omputih ke ape? sengih2....
makcik: tataw la tapi ade la slank yer...
thra: makcik,kami dulu dok KL bila pindah sini tak cakap perak tu pasal slank lain!

actually makcik tu tanye banyak lagi pasal sejarak KELUARGA saya tapi malas nak taip banyak2! =p

wait!did i spell the right slank word?
i pown ta faham! yeah tinggal dekat PERAK hampir seabad! tapi masih belum menguasai bahasa utara sini! "kite bako je rumah kak limah tu usop!" *one of them*
tak kisah lah ape2 pown yang penting stand by yourself! we are who we are lah! so slank ape pown i nak gne i akan gne! lagipown i suke orang yang banyak tanye pasal i! hahaha =] IGNORE!!

p/s:i dont know alien cakap bahasa ape!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dedication song to (s_a)

hello people..
yeah i found this song! uuu~ yeah not i mportant actually but i love the lyrics!
and this song is dedicate to you yeobo! hahaha *wink*
and enjoy it!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bila thra dah kurus...

hello people..
bout the silly title tu i tak janji lah i akan kurus macam angelina jolie! haha..this is me NUR ATHIRAH!
yeah feels happy right now! =] and i had very nice day! huhuhu...
ok lets play this song by Train! i love to hear this song! yeah i heard before in radio and now i can just upload from you tube yoww! hahaha
yeah i like the tone of colour,very smooth and clasic i think! no, i mean the video not the song! yeah the lyrics also meaningfull to those who falling in love and spe2 yang nak kahwin la..idk!
and today my day totally FREE like BIRD la beb! i tak de benda nak buat and memasak is not something i want to do right now! haha i just want to get enough rest before i start punggah all my things from KMPP. haha likes i baru je pindah yoww... come and join me!
and i had something to be share here but i think not now! Next time la.



ok STOP!

thank you my dear!come again and read my story!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

you in my heart!

hello people
but i'm not happy since i have to be apart far from you my yeobo..
i know sounds crazy but i try to be strong..
please give me the strength.. = o
i dont know what to do..
no diary to write anymore..i hope u will like my hand writing..
have a nice day my yeobo!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm STRONG 3rd


in this early morning..
i wake up at 6:28am..rush to take a shower with unconscious face..other gurl only take their wuduk but i pergi mandi? theres no paper gurl so why u busy to get ready?
i want to see sunrise with yeah no body!
i run downstairs and heading to astaka..
still dark but actually NOT!
then meet him give back his lovely baby dslr and sit!he asked me to take my breakfast first then..i refuse! i nak tgk sunrise dekat hujung padang tu tetibe u suruh i pergi makan!!can u imagine what i feels? dissapointed yoww... maybe theres a reason why u ask me todo so!
then walked slowly to the cafe bought roti telur and EAT!
then after that i dont have moodd..u ruined my mood! =[
u can go to tasik by your own.i just waited here to see the late sunrise!!!i'm crying babe! u left me with innocent face!yeah i know u macam mner!then let it be!
then..tomorow is our last day to be here and i hope i can create the precious kenangan with them and u.

i think..we dont have to find kenangan but we create!


=[ if u read this after we say GOOD BYE to kmpp maybe u cannot do anything.
i'm sorry...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

when someone get angry?


hello people!its been so long i havent update my blog.yeah i'm in exam mood (=_=) and like hell i feel after physics paper done! i think i'm not good enough to get A in physics.this is my first time i said that to myself! sebelum nih i gagah la jugak cakap i can DO IT babe!

erm..since this morning i got call from my sweeties and told me bout something so i want to share here!it can be something that can help me to tell what i feels!
ok,the title is "When someone get angry?" what can u do when u get mad to someone or many people? in my own idea lah kan..

1) i takkan la terus pergi jerkah and start throw all the bad word to them. i will create a creepy smile and laugh like hell!why must say "like hell thra?" ok i wont use the word! when i do the creepy smile it shows that u should run before i get heating!

2) when i get angry i will try to keep my boiling point reach the peak!huh...i tak la suka marah2 org pown.setakat marah2 manja tu boleh la...and its only happen to my siblings yoowww...

3) i can accept when people mad me! because i rase i buat salah!hehe...tapi kalau kau marah aku over gler mmg nak kne puji pujian la dari aku,free2 je...

4) try to reduce the number of person who hate you!

last but not least la kan..people do mistake,they screw up,we forgive and FORGET.

so this is me and you?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Step Up 3: Battle of Gwai

i like to watch this video! can i dance like this in the pool??? =]

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

sometime we need to be pretend

we try to find the date..
date ape?

no no no....

and we think
22 august 2010 is the date
day where misha texting you by using my phone...
eventho i ta nak cakap kan dkt mish soh buat mcm tu tpi...
yeah i'm totally want it happen really

thank you my gurl!