Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm STRONG 3rd


in this early morning..
i wake up at 6:28am..rush to take a shower with unconscious face..other gurl only take their wuduk but i pergi mandi? theres no paper gurl so why u busy to get ready?
i want to see sunrise with yeah no body!
i run downstairs and heading to astaka..
still dark but actually NOT!
then meet him give back his lovely baby dslr and sit!he asked me to take my breakfast first then..i refuse! i nak tgk sunrise dekat hujung padang tu tetibe u suruh i pergi makan!!can u imagine what i feels? dissapointed yoww... maybe theres a reason why u ask me todo so!
then walked slowly to the cafe bought roti telur and EAT!
then after that i dont have moodd..u ruined my mood! =[
u can go to tasik by your own.i just waited here to see the late sunrise!!!i'm crying babe! u left me with innocent face!yeah i know u macam mner!then let it be!
then..tomorow is our last day to be here and i hope i can create the precious kenangan with them and u.

i think..we dont have to find kenangan but we create!


=[ if u read this after we say GOOD BYE to kmpp maybe u cannot do anything.
i'm sorry...

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