Saturday, April 16, 2011

when someone get angry?


hello people!its been so long i havent update my blog.yeah i'm in exam mood (=_=) and like hell i feel after physics paper done! i think i'm not good enough to get A in physics.this is my first time i said that to myself! sebelum nih i gagah la jugak cakap i can DO IT babe!

erm..since this morning i got call from my sweeties and told me bout something so i want to share here!it can be something that can help me to tell what i feels!
ok,the title is "When someone get angry?" what can u do when u get mad to someone or many people? in my own idea lah kan..

1) i takkan la terus pergi jerkah and start throw all the bad word to them. i will create a creepy smile and laugh like hell!why must say "like hell thra?" ok i wont use the word! when i do the creepy smile it shows that u should run before i get heating!

2) when i get angry i will try to keep my boiling point reach the peak!huh...i tak la suka marah2 org pown.setakat marah2 manja tu boleh la...and its only happen to my siblings yoowww...

3) i can accept when people mad me! because i rase i buat salah!hehe...tapi kalau kau marah aku over gler mmg nak kne puji pujian la dari aku,free2 je...

4) try to reduce the number of person who hate you!

last but not least la kan..people do mistake,they screw up,we forgive and FORGET.

so this is me and you?

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