Thursday, April 28, 2011

I missing something here!

hello people

now is the time for you to see what i want to give!

the preparation before you when to interview this saturday!
yeah i dont have to make any preparation for myslef yoww...

so BEGGIN: (lagu beggin)

1) choose correct kemeja to wear! i like when i see u in light kemeja! i mean warna yang cerah and soft as usual you wear!

2) cut your nails! hahaha =]

3) shining your shoes! since matrics already close kan sure lah kasut berhabuk! kilat sampai nampak bijik mata!

4) get ready with all your things, your mind map all things yang sketching2 tu laaa....

5) sleep early so you will get MAXIMUM energy level!!!

6) drive carefully to the SERI ISKANDAR. hak3...=]

7) all the creatures in the world say "SELAMAT MAJU JAYA" to you!!


= p

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