Sunday, February 6, 2011

questioner TERENGGANU


how are you?
fine thank you my dear!

how's ur holidays?
good...pretty much good!

what's ur opinon bout Terengganu?
erm....its good for people! hahaha

3 words bout Terengganu?
(not my answer)

The best places?
Pantai Masjid Terapung!

best for the first!i heard the advice from someone to let people do what they are! dont too bother otherwise u will hurt! thanks...we walked,played at the poor playground!owh...and rubbish around but its still can be clean by people!

The food?
Keropok Lekor!!! ymmm :]

The road?
yeah totally different compared to mine!hahaha the flowers around! colourful and people care bout that.

Misha's house?
Good!! yeah lots of food,self service better!dilayan WIFI! hahaha...

The outing?
its better when u use ur own car! wont burdening people and family!

The things?
yeah i'm not crazy during shopping! huhuhu...

The cost?
under badget! good!

i hope Terengganu will keep watering their flowers road to avoid them from dying!

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