Sunday, March 13, 2011



what do you feels right now?

i think a lots of many thing..

one of it?
my exam...

other than that?
ur day...

describe it:
i dont know,after i had my isyak i pray while my tears was drops one by one. i cant cry silently but i try...i miss my mama and babah as well and also i cry because of u.i think bout what u had done this evening. Yeah maybe for u its just a normal thing happen but for me i take it as a serious case.i cant lie..i'm so worried bout it and really hope u are fine!we have decided to meet after 4 years but no...i decided to meet u after 4 years but can i wait for it? its took long periods and anything can happen...

anything else:
i dont want to talk much bout this..

thank you.... ;[

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