Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lu Kongsi Lu Happy!


tadi arif call then we laughed together bout something! then suddenly i miss you guys!my prac members which is very Otai and Hot! we laugh without care the people around! even dalam Library pon we still played TRUE or DARE! huhhh....i just miss you guys! and lets webcam together!! buat la conversation =] like like like! dekat bawah ni ade banyak gambar! and i just miss you guys! kahkahkah...yeah i tak edit pon sbb i'm not good in editing and art! but my pacik LOVEee editing! and CONGRATES to all members! Keep moving and climb the Succes! =]

scandalist maybe!

my first sight of him *

kecerahan warna kulit maybe!

wover malaysia

pretty gurl!!

dorg nih budak kecik

ni sume barisan JPP! *
gedikkk aku tipu je.

Dato' bandar mungkin!

i miss her! <3

ade kenduri kawin!

Zombie sungai Dua

ok hidung aku kurang mancung!


asal muka korg innocent?

ikut korg la nak cakap ape..

tok batin!

gedik je nih!

perasaan tak sume boys wearing glasses!

last but not least! we are team!!
kecuali TM!


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