Thursday, September 22, 2011

when i called my mama...


bangun awal dari biasa. just to turn off my alarm and i continue my sleep again..change my position to feel like i baru nak tidur.. =] wake up and walk slowly to the toilet and theres no people! WAIT! mana sume orang? feelingless...after prayed i stared to the window. i just feel so lonely. i want to have something i want in my life.. Why i'm here? WHY! because UITM call me to continue my studies or what? idk... its all about my intention of having good life!

Everyday when i walk to my FSG i think What i'm going to do? What is my aim? Setiap yang kita buat mesti ada sebab! and i miss my Family! i have to be strong!

Kadang2 kita sendiri tak tahu apa yang kita nak bila kita belajar! Niat pagi2 tu sangat penting! Bila niat yang baik maka akan dapat yang baik.

i have to be friend with BOOK! they all goin to be my BFF. i also need to be fair with internet..i still have to use them to find more info..

dalam kuliah, masing2 ada kelebihan sendiri. Show them! dan aku sentiasa tunjukkannya. Mungkin banyak yang salah dari betul tapi Learn From Mistake and i dont have to be shy. Bila dah salah, ada yang betulkan so that i dont have to repeat the same mistake after this.

Yakin :
bila pakai baju kurung confiden level jadi sangat TINGGI!

what i feels now is i want to get what i want and ignore what is the remeh temeh things around! i can walk alone to find my classes and i can ask people when i lost in my own FSG..i have to be STRONG! =] yes i can do it!


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