Saturday, July 16, 2011

again! ini bancian BERSIH

Time started: 9:25 am 16072011
Eye color: HITAM karang cakap biru nampak sangat menipu
Shoe size:6
Height: i'm taller than selena gomez! =]
What are you wearing:baju kelawar
Where do you live: jalan banjar!
Righty or lefty:lefty
Can you make a dollar in change right now:nope!
Who are your closest friends: Amisha Adhwa
Best place for a date: baskin robin
Where is your fav place to shop:tmpat yang ade sale !
Favorite kind of plant: pokok durian boleh?
Fave Color: i do love YELLOW
Fave Number: 6
Fave Boys Name: baby!
Fave Girls Name: baby!
Fave Sport: basketball
Fave Month: Syawal!
Movies: the one and the only THE EXPENDABLE
Juice: mango
Finger: ntah
Breakfast food: roti canai
Favorite cartoon character: idk
Given anyone a bath: huh
Eaten a dog: MasyaAllah
Loved someone so much it made you cry?: tak la jugak
Played truth or dare: dare
Been in a physical fight: for sure la
Been in a police car: tak perlu kot
Been on a plane: belum lagi la
Been in a sauna: nope
Been in a hot tub:nope
Cried when someone died: cried like arghh
Cried in school: tak jugak
Fell off your chair: pernah ke?
Wait for someone’s phone call all night: ek eleyy tak de makne yer..
Saved AIM/Yahoo conversations: i lupa password
Saved e-mails: ade banyak gler email tapi cuma satu password je igt!
Fallen for one of your best friends: he's strangers
Used someone: miah untuk sidai baju!

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