Wednesday, July 20, 2011

a crazy little thing called LOVE part 12345


erm...thra dapat UITM sc physics and sememangnya thra suka fizik!Thank you! =[ and maybe i should made a decision bout my studies! i dont need people to decide for me and yet i still hoping for something i reallyyyyyyy want in my life! tapi kalau itu yang dah tertulis,how can i change it? NO i just accept the faith. Thank you Allah giving me the Best mama in the world! she understand me and she kept saying "kakak yang nak belajar" so tak kesah la..

so after come back from KL i will start my own schedule to complete all the needs by Uni and i can get lots of Ketenangan time daftar nanti. i want to go to Melbourne! hahaha maybe when i 23!
this couple days i read a book "THE DIARY OF WINDY KID!" sejak bila terjatuh cinta kat buku tu pun tak tau la..

and i also watch a movie! using Youtube jerr...kalau nak pergi tengok the real movie tu memang tak la kan!

and i got nothing to do now!

so enjoy this trailer... =]



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