Saturday, March 17, 2012

spontan sabtu

hari ni thra ada KI! what KI means?It mean Kena Involve jatuh hukum wajib kalau ta nak carry modul untuk sem depan. Alahaiiii... terasa macam ape je pagi2 ni dengan keadaan mata yang sedikit menyakitkan.but what ever happen I should give chance to feel it because everything comes from my heart.. Anything can be posible with willing heart dear..
yesterday we celebrated ayu's birthday and got lot of fun of cos for sure la kan..and thanks for being nice friend with me and we can be closer like before.I just miss you dear .and fatin always said "duit boleh dicari tapi kawan yang baik hanya sekali." haahaah itu I yang menambah. Bout my koko I took Pengucapan awam and its really fine to be active after this.not touch my weekend.and I really need my vacation to relaxxxx my mind and soul. hahaha and now I miss mama babah and yellow thing include you. hehe
got to go now.

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