Sunday, July 25, 2010

box offices

hello people!! u orang sudah tgk this movie? thats not really important to watch this movie but if u sudah tengok just admitted that the story was so crazy! i love it and will watch it again wif someone! she but just wait! i love when they start to fighting each other wif the new vampire group that control by Victoria! i tak tengok new moon tau so when eclipse begin my otak start blur!huhuhu =] its ok i just wait till the story end! best lah eclipse as the hero and heroin pown cun2 belaka and they all looks very profesional!thra bodek plak! wait! in this eclipse i choose Jacob even he dont know me! he look so sexy!t topless!huhu.....

this plak adalah movie yang i want to watch!dont miss out! best gler the making dia even i ta tgk lagi movie tuh! but i will then i akan kecoh2kan dlm ceritabudakperempuan! huhu....this story mcm Merlin Adv.tapi nak tgk jugak!

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