Wednesday, July 21, 2010

a week before ups

a week before UPS!
im give up! i outing wif them! watching Eclipse! shopping a lots! arif lah yang punyer pasal sampai i terpaksa pergi tukar baju lain! just to make u stop insulting me! herghh..T_T arif saje! time tgk eclipse arif yang mulut tak boleh tutup tu asyik bubling je dengan mish! i know eclipse best! who wants to ask me out to watch eclipse again???
so this is our picture! theres also some pict when i mish farhan and farid go out!

mereka tidak mahu saya makan banyak2

dia lah arif fahmi yang banyak mulut tuh sorry...

be tough man~

i love this one!coz i look so mucho2 c---!

inilah puteri lilin yang belajar dekat kmpp!

p/s: thank you guys!

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