Monday, July 26, 2010

Take a note

hello people!
how are you today? wake up early in the morning or you just wake to turn off ur alarm then continue dreaming till ur mom shout: anak dara boleh bangun tak???? =] it juz human being!
im going to write bout human! yeah HUMAN! do u get me?
yeah every human has or hav? erm...better i used bahasa melayu! tetttt....

setiap manusia ada kelebihan mahupun keburukan masing2 yang mereka mahu tunjukkan dan sembunyikan! just like me! i love to make people impressed bout me! just like teacher Jaseemah said "she adorable!" huhuhu =] and sometime maybe i buat orang lain rse annoying dgn i! what i care! u care so go ahead! yeah mungkin mencarpubkan diri lebih baik dari mengata belakang! i agree! so mencarpublah diri anda! seriously if kita manusia tak aktifkan diri dalam apa2 perkara mungkin kita akan ketinggalan! trust me! people dun know u and tatau pown u wujud sebab u live in the small world that is ur own world! why dun u try u rise ur hand and said somthing that make people think! think,think,think!!! =] again and again trust me! dont be too shy to make people see u observe u and talk about u but dont insulting them! open ur mind! think positive always every single second and dont try to be friends wif Mr.Giveup or Ms.weakness! they are not my frenz! i try my best dear to look so tough enough!

then if u sit for any quiz or else dont think that 2/10 is ur last chances! u must face it and dont think the past! like umie said : let bygone be bygone! its just an obstacle that hate to see u in the stage of succes!believe me! then if u late attending tutorial dont turn back and walk slowly to ur room! run and run to the tutorial class! walk with full confident and knock the door say: sorry teacher i try to come early next time! thats it! kan senang!

then if u feel so lazyness gler nak mampos hadir kuliah, the tak payah pergilah! sebab dah memang pemalas gler nak mampos!sebab mama kte everything is up to diri sendiri! yang nak berjaya diri sendiri! so take a note! yang ta nak hadir kuliah awak bukan saya so dont burden me with ur reason! thank you!!! =]

p/s: this entry just to make my hand working during this holiday!huhu but take a note bout what i said just now! thank you!

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