Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm strong for how many times huh?

maybe i in that situation or i just SS (syoksendiri) idk! lately i feel like **** hoiy...susah yer hidup tanpa buku! hahaha.... i dont want to force myself to read a book or to get some fun when i read a book! i need something to do! obviously not working..hahaha sekadar cari pengalaman berada di antara orang dewasa atau orang yang sudah makan garam dulu dari saya.

i feel like **** (the star doesnt show the word) you have to remember I'M LEARNING!

i just need something like my diet schedule or my PA to arrange my diet schedule or my intention to have my own PA to arrange my diet schedule? ah forget it!

i want to scream inside my deep2 heart! just close the door and shut up!

yeah i'm sorry dear i shouldnt say "ah penatlah nak cakap!" and i know maybe it hurts.Babah said you call dari jauh excited gler nak cakap but when i said "ah penatlah nak cakap" then u off the phone...i sakitkan hati u! and i know that was my mistake! and maybe my first mistake for yesterday! i did wrong and i just let u know and u just said "hurmmmm......." and make me =[ and i'm a girl so i cry la..

ah...i just love to say "ah" lately!

where are you? dah keluar Malaysia senyap2? ah baguslah...just doing your good job with ur new friends and have a good relation with them..from that u can gain lots of ILMU YANG BERGUNA.=] i like to see you get busy with ur work and sometime i feel "I need you" =] mengarut gler... and you know me! I'm POWER! i'm strong enough...



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