Wednesday, February 29, 2012

my dear Rohani


owh since i got text from Fatin "thra!" i was like whatttttt??? say what??? (-__________-)" owh no that way i think!
something should pop up and solve everything and hopefully Allah will help us! ahhh i always remind myself to not be a loser or something worse because thats really ridiculous yow! yow! yow! Oh tolong la my friend! i really hope you can stand all of this problem. I know this is not easy and difficult but please be strong!
Kekuatan adalah datang dari mental bukanlah fizikal! (^_^) i know u can do it babe! I know!
Eventho i can face all this problem same goes to you la! We faced it together before and why not for our future too??? I know you can! You such a very nice daughter , anak solehah, never miss solat and quran and this is just a small thing! Dont give up or else you only make myself lemau2 je! You one of my friend which i really need
when i cry
i got headache
when i got no money
when i got no time to think bout chemistry
when i got more money to treat you
when i got gossip bout my family
when i got high mark
when i check my result
when i want to be KMC
everything i've done!

What i really hope you can be strong as strong as you my dear Rohani !

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