Monday, November 7, 2011



err maybe this is my second post

what colour u will like?

what colour u like?

what colour u chosed?

and the conclusion is i know u like yellow very much but how it happend?

yellow is something people doesnt like most! seriously and i can prove it..maybe the colour is too striking or like berrrr...... no its ok i dont mind. but for me frankly speaking i like u! huh?? no no no i mean i like yellow.. the colour will make me excited every time i saw them and huh FatenMuhamad also love yellow! i got partner already!

kenapa bercakap pasal kuning??

no i got nothing to share..

p/s:err this is what i've said before.i borrowed from you and i will give back later when i really mean it to be return. thank you! AND THIS IS NOT GOOGLE SOURCES!


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