Sunday, November 20, 2011

....with a cup of coffee i think..


hehehe...tadi waktu nak bangun tengok phone yayah bagitau sesuatu ... 20112011! terfikir,tahun 2011 ni banyak sangat tarikh "cool" for people la but for it just a date nothing to celebrate or else...well i dont have any interest to make them in special date or whateverrrr....i just forget the date sometime.and refer to my jam tangan yang hilang! MasyaAllah....tertinggal jam tangan tu.Mungkin careless and i also lost my lovely ****************** i hate this feeling.i just want them back!!! =D back!!

ok straight to the i'm listening to the Joe Brooks!! Joe broooo.... Holes Inside! hahaha i'm not the holes inside one ok..i'm just fine with my miah said "From the moment Allah SWT gave me oxygen,my life began." =] and we should remember Him every second we breathe. InsyaAllah...

currently book i've read! tak habis2 lagi.Its too long!

=] i just smile when i saw a few picture from someone. The nature is really2 beautiful so be heart! i cannot imagine if this world dont have any flower,any tree,river,mountain,sea,beach,jungle and so on.If they're gone can we climbing the mountain without mountain?? can we or we just use the rock block or whateverr yang ada dekat mana2 tempat sukan tu?so SAVE THE EARTH!

i thot today i'm out to Subang with yayah.She's my sister.But last nite she said "I'm on my way to Melaka!" errr.........geram3! baru ingat nak hang out tengok Breaking Down! dia dah cabut pergi Melaka! Melaka! Melaka! err.....tape la.Yayah tengah Final sem1 and the next paper hari khamis so macam orang gila nak tunggu paper tu sampai so she decided to get some relaxing activities out there.For me la.. i think shopping was the best way for me to do during exam.hahaha and mama would visit us! ok Shah Alam... yeayyy!

yeahh..we should not give up if our plan not working at all...try again and again! hahaha yeah my surprising plan not working at all before and i try to give another surprise to you! hahaha....=] hahaha take care! dont work too much and get some relaxing moment.Just try sit at the balcony with a cup of tea and 3pieces of biscuit.Viewing all the story outside the house.Huhhhh??? blur222....ok bye!



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