Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Like before


dah lama tak bermonolog dengan diri sendiri.
mungkin bila berjalan sorang2 tadi dari Pusat Kesihatan.i got doctor appointment and well.i hope nothing happen. just like i worried bout that bone..i hope someone can save bone and i dont bone sick. why i wont mention bone's name because i know bone will know who is. just forget it bout my word.atleast i throw all in this post.Suddenly my tears flowed. I dont know why maybe dah lama tak macam tu.Feels so alone and clueless. I got quizes tomorrow and i'm prepared person? u want to believe me? yes! i just want to live without feels like that.Tension with people around, thinking the badnes and everything.
Sometime i just wrote what passing by my mind. I know this is not good but this is me. What? This is me. I want to be like before. I wrote a letter for you and you read it. With passion, glancing eyes. Playing with camera, bumped with no intention to meet. Surprise! yes i miss to have that moment.But our path is not the same like before.We took the diff path and i really hope i can be like before. i just want the true smile on your face and not comes from the screen of handphone. yeah...no worriess! i try my best.. and maybe 4 years from now we dont know what will happen. I just think it back.I made it and miss. You are good person and you can choose what u want.Desire and everything like normal human.

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