Friday, November 25, 2011

physics's student.


=] we still breath and alhamdulillah..

hari ni penuh dengan ketawa.


... ketawa

........ ketawa

erm i'm physics student. Of cos i love physics compared to Biology and i'm not going to learn that subject in this age. For sure when u know all the things inside your body u like jakun2 kan, excited lebih2 but for me i just hoping people or my friend will tell me all that in the future. and not during my exam week. thanks!

dekat fsg we got laluan dekan or whatever.. then if i pass by i can smell the science odour all the way. hahahaha... serius wangi! and my Ketua Program is DR Ab. Malik Marwan and he's friendly. He just used his ipad to give talk to us and bla bla bla....

and i found this picture.

i got nothing to merepek meraban.

good nite


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