Thursday, November 17, 2011

thank you !


kadang-kadang bila kita berkawan kita mesti nak kawan belanja makan kan! haha deeee... i just recall back what happen on my first day in UiTM Shah ALam which is for me it just biasa2 punye feeling. Babah the one and the only yang hantar i and register me there. Thank You and i still proud. During MDS i just observed people with a LOT of karenah. And i just saw something beside me.Its a gurl...and i saw her shoes.It was flat shoes with no tapak! can u imagine your feet step on the rough surface! sakit kak oiw... of cos on that time i mcam kutuk dekat gadis tu.


last2 i nampak the same flat shoes with the owner! MasyaAllah...budak tu sama kos dengan aku! bhaaa..... ek eley! but then i just friend with her.Last2 she become my close friend! i just like her way.Just the way she is....she's quite noisy and bubbling person but its ok..i can accept that since she is my close friend.

Have a nice day!

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